Our Team

David Walter, CPA/PFS, CFP®

President and Chief Investment Officer

David Walter is a highly accomplished financial professional with a remarkable background in accounting and finance. Dave has a proven track record of helping others minimize financial risk while maximizing their financial rewards.

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Daniel Walter, CFP®

Client Relationship Manager & Risk Management Specialist

Daniel brings over 15 years of extensive experience in the financial services industry, underpinned by a robust foundation in finance and accounting. Throughout his distinguished career, Daniel has honed his expertise in fostering and...
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Jeremy Walter, CMT

Chief Investment Strategist

His expertise centered around hedge funds, private equity firms, high-frequency trading funds, and manufacturing companies, showcasing his incredible versatility and acumen in the financial realm.

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Barbara Cavagnaro, Investment Adviser Representative

Client Relationship Manager

Barbara has been a client relationship manager and personal assistant to David Walter at HFC for 17 years. Prior to joining our firm, Barbara spent several years in banking management, and she worked as a registered dietitian before...

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Olga Krostyne

Financial Analyst

Olga has more than 6 years of experience working in finance and healthcare management. Before joining our team, Olga was a financial/commission analyst at Easy Choice Health Plan of New York (formerly Atlantis Health Plan). Prior to...

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Melika Cavagnaro-Wong

Assistant Portfolio Analyst

As an Assistant Portfolio Analyst, Melika is responsible for analyzing securities, attending to the firm’s information technology (IT), and organizing acquisitions.Prior to joining HFC, Melika lead award-winning fundraising and...

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