Employee Retirement Solutions

Let Halberstadt Financial Consultants Manage Your 401(k) Plan For You

You can tap into our investment experts to enhance your employer-sponsored retirement plan with genuine expertise. 

Managing and staying updated with your employer-sponsored retirement plan can be demanding. Feeling swamped by the array of investment options? Unsure of the best portfolio strategy? Halberstadt Financial Consultants now offers direct management of your individual employer-sponsored retirement account. Through a trusted platform by Pontera, we review, choose, oversee, and adjust the investments in your plan, keeping alignment with your financial aspirations. The Pontera system is highly adaptable, enabling Halberstadt Financial Consultants to handle your 401(k) regardless of its location.

Connecting your account is straightforward, protected, and confidential. Your 401(k) remains under your name and with its financial custodian. Halberstadt Financial Consultants never gains access to your login details. We can't initiate any withdrawals nor modify any personal account data.

The Pontera Platform

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