Financial Planning

We believe in a comprehensive approach to financial planning and prepare full financial plans, however we also provide financial planning if a particular issue is of immediate concern to you, such as retirement funding or a review of your current portfolio. Other areas of your financial plan may be added as you are ready.

The fee for financial planning will be quoted to you in advance and is determined based on the complexity of your financial situation and the time estimated to complete the project. We also provide hourly consulting for clients who need advice on just a few key issues or would like a second opinion.

Typical financial planning projects include:

  • Investment Portfolio Consulting: We can make recommendations to rebalance your existing portfolio and for additional investments. You will be responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the plan.
  • Retirement Funding: We can make recommendations regarding the amount you need to save for your retirement. We consider your current level of savings (including additions to company retirement plans and IRAs) and factor in social security payments, pensions, and other income. We are then able to determine the additional savings you will need based on your annual estimated living expenses.
  • Stock Option Exercise and Diversification: Stock options are an important and frequently misunderstood segment of investment. We can help you evaluate the exercise decision and holding periods for options. We also provide investment advice regarding diversification and management of the stock holdings once you exercise.